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How to Increase the Traffic from Forum Posts by 1,000%

by Bruce Zhang

Forum posting drives targeted, quality traffic, but it’s also time-consuming. In next few minutes, We’ll show how to drastically increase the traffic from forum posts with four techniques:

  1. We could easily increase the traffic by 60% or more by spending more time on the right forums.
  2. Participating in the right threads at the right time will increase the traffic by another 60% or more.
  3. Categorizing threads by frequently asked questions will double the productivity.
  4. Delegating certain tasks will sure save another 50% of our time.
(1 + 60%) * (1 + 60%) * (1 + 100%) * (1 + 100%) = 1,000%.

Even better, we’ve built an online tool and those tasks can be done with just a few clicks once you created an account and logged in.

Choose the Right Forums to Join

Now we want to get visitors who are interested in social media marketing from the premium countries (US, UK, Canada and Australia and etc). On Site Info page of the project Social Media Marketing we’ve created, you’ll see some sites bring 40-50% of targeting traffic , and a few other sites will drive just 20%.

You may also want to know:

  • Traffic volume of the site (1 - 10 scales).
  • Interest - the average number of posts per thread.
  • Interactivity - how engaged are users on each forum site.
  • Are link-in-posts and/or signature links allowed?

Join the Right Threads at the Right Time

On the forums, we engage and connect with the right audience by joining the right threads. The New Threads page on SoEngaging will show a list of new threads in past 5 days from the selected forum sites and relevant to the keywords of the project.

A forum post will generate traffic only when it’s viewed by many. We don’t want always step into an interesting group meeting when everyone else is about to leave. Instead, we want to join a thread that has potential to go popular at early stage. Thread Growth predicts that how a thread will likely grow.

Categorizing the Threads with Frequently Asked Questions

Dozens or hundreds of questions are asked every single day for some common topics, and they’ll be asked over and over again for months or years. 20% of answers often cover 80% of questions. We’ll categorize the FAQs and store the research notes on the Research Page of the project.

When we decided to join a thread on new thread page, we’ll just click Find to access the Research Notes and the past replies to the similar questions. We’ll be able to compose a personalized and well-researched reply shortly.

Delegating The Tasks

You’ll likely be bored with forum posting after a few weeks once you’ve researched all the interesting topics and answered the same questions over and over again. Then it’s the time to hire one or a few virtual assistants to do the job. It is also the time to expand the forums sites from 5 to 10, , 20 or 50. You could check 5 sites on Site Info page for virtual assistant one, another 5 sites for assistant two.

Anyone can drive better and more traffic from their forum posts with those 4 techniques and the support of SoEngaging. Create an free account or login with Facebook now to explore what SoEngaging platform can do for traffic generation.

Many more features are built into SoEngaging, here's a quick guide to the platform.

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